π = C/d

x2 + y2 = r2



How can I help absent students? What can I do to encourage and empower parents in their child’s math success? What can I do to inspire students to be the best at math student they can be? What can I do to encourage my fellow math teachers?

What are the really successful math teachers doing that got them to this point? Where are the best TAKS resources found? Where are some really good websites and books about great teaching of math and its applications?

These are just some of the burning questions that have frustrated me over my years as a teacher.


The site began as a high tech way to get assignments into the hands of students who missed classes. I also wanted it to be a place that gave them support in developing a sense that they really could do this math stuff!

The site quickly expanded into a resource not only for students, but a place where parents and teachers could find help, too.

I hope you’ve found a sense of humor and humanity as you’ve surfed this he site. I’m not trying to make a big splash with this thing. I don’t consider anything you’ll find here earth shattering or unique. I don’t consider myself the end-all or one-stop shop either. But, I would like to think there is something helpful for just about anyone.

So much is riding on math success and overall educational success today, that none of us can afford to work as isolated individuals.

It is my sincere hope that this site will help nurture collaboration between student, teacher and parent so that learning math is not such a drudge or mystery. It is my hope that my colleagues will find it a place to refresh themselves and catch their second wind.

We all must work together to give the next generation the greatest opportunities and effectively inspire them to succeed as people. This is the greatest reason that motivated me to leave the technical world and become a teacher, so I’m ‘All In’ and before the ‘river card’ has even been dealt.

Bud Garner