π = C/d

x2 + y2 = r2

Big Ideas of Geometry

Big Ideas of Geometry

Why the “Big Ideas of Geometry”

Sometimes math subjects become confusing when we try to analyze it and break it into its different pieces. Often the result is an unending and incredibly complicated list. Instead of making math clearer, these efforts often muddy the water even more. (Just looking at a textbook’s table of contents or index can sometimes make us dizzy.)

Dr. James Choike out of Oklahoma State University is a teacher of high school math teachers. He is always working on new ways to simplify all of the details of math subjects into lists of less than a dozen topics. I always liked that idea.

By summarizing the subject of geometry into one page, it’s my hope that the subject will become less intimidating for student and teacher alike.

So Dr. Choike, this page is dedicated to you with my take on the Big Ideas of Geometry. I hope it meets with your approval.