π = C/d

x2 + y2 = r2


Parent Resources

Tutorial Aids for Parents
    Online Textbook (Please ask your teen for the user and password)
    Here you can go to the chapter and click on the tab marked      “Additional Practice.” You’ll find help through the “Homework Help      Online” under the “Internet Resources” list. You can also view the      textbook online and notice there is glossary help and links to videos      which step through the highlights of the lesson in that chapter and      section.
     Each chapter from the Holt Geometry textbook is summarized into       an A & B sheet. It does not require a user name or password to       gain access.  It includes an Algebra 1 review and Spanish glossary.
   Book: “Help Your Kids With Math” edited by Carol Vorderman
        This is a great ,visually oriented book which covers arithmetic,          algebra, geometry and statistics. A great “hands on” resource for          parent and student (and teacher; I own a copy myself).
Managing Teen Progress
    Book: “How to Double Your Child’s Grade in School by Eugene          M. Schwartz is designed to provide practical options to parents in          supervising their teen’s study time at home, optimizing success in          any classroom. This frees you from being a tutor of your teen’s          progress into one of monitoring and managing their progress.
        This book ranges from Kindergarten through college (Yes, even          college!) and is course specific for Math, Science, English and          Social Science.