π = C/d

x2 + y2 = r2



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Online Scientific Calculators - TI Style     HP Style

Using our Classroom Calculator - TI-84+  Graphing Calculator

So You Have an Older Calculator? - TI-83+  Graphing Calculator    

Online Graphing Calculator - CoolMath

Online Geometry Textbook - Holt Geometry

Online Graph Paper - Multi-width Graph Paper

Cornell Notes Paper -   Lined    w/ Graph Paper     (use Black lines)

HS TAKS Math Chart - TEA

HS STAAR Geometry Chart - TEA     

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What in the heck is a PSB?

A PSB is short for a problem solving board. It is a visual map which suggests strategies for solving TAKS, SAT, ACT and other math problem solving situations.
Click here to see a generic version edited for high school math.
Click here to see a set of PSBs used for high school TAKS.

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